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The Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums defends the principle of reproduction of wild animals under human care.

AIZA respects the corporate decisions of all members of our zoological and aquarium community. We are fully aware of the pressure that some lobby groups have been exerting on many companies and zoological institutions.

The positive role that the zoos and aquariums have been playing in the conservation of biological diversity during more than one century has been only possible because of the collaboration of the whole community. Due to this generous cooperation among them, many animal species have been saved from the brink of extinction.

The decisions on the breeding plans of species under human care are regularly based on common and consensual decisions taken by the community of experts in zoo biology, research and conservation. Hence, the unilateral decisions are not always the most appropiate for the species and the conservatin of biodiversity.

Having said that, AIZA does not support the way in which this decision has been taken without a previous debate with the zoological community. Indeed AIZA considers that breeding of cetacean species under human care is essential to continue developing knowledge through professionally driven scientific research projects. The more we know about aquatic mammals, the more we will be prepared to preserve their existence in a changing World. Moreover, a non-breeding policy of zoo and wild animals may have negative impact of this population´s well being long term and we think this has not been deeply considered when assuming this drastic decision.