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Between February and April this year, Loro Parque Fundación will provide awareness-raising sessions in various elementary and high school centres in the Canary Islands, thanks to an altruistic agreement signed Ministry of Education and Universities of the Canarian Government.

This initiative, which started in the month of February and is part of Experts in Animal Welfare programme, comes as a Loro Parque Fundación’s project to raise awareness amongst young people about oceans’ preservation and, especially, about the risks that threaten their integrity and sustainability. The project aims at triggering enthusiasm for marine environment and animal species.


Ms. Soledad Monzón, the Councillor for Education, emphasized the “particular relevance” of the sea in our autonomous community. “In the Canary Islands, more than in other communities, it’s essential to raise awareness among young people about ocean’s key role in climate, temperature moderation and many other aspects”, Monzón stated.

These awareness-raising sessions, organised by Loro Parque Fundación’s Education Department, will last one week at each of the sixteen participating centres, and will be supported by diverse exhibition and graphic materials. In addition to these activities, sessions will integrate into academic syllabus and count with teachers’ collaboration.

Thanks to these sessions’ contents, Canarian students will learn about marine pollution, overfishing and threatened species. This knowledge will be strengthened by taking of marine samples and using the IT apps. Loro Parque will also distribute 3.000 tickets amongst centres, which belong to REDCICE (Canarian Network of Innovating Centres for Schooling Continuity), an organization whose goal is to prevent early abandoning of the school by the students.

Diverse elementary and high school centres from Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote participate in these sessions, while many other educational institutions of the Canaries are expected to join the activities, both in marine conservation and in other areas associated with animal welfare.

With this initiative, Loro Parque Fundación reinforces its commitment to raising awareness in the Canarian community about the need to get informed, protect and conserve the environment and animal species — a labour that has been undertaken by this non-profit international foundation in environmental education, research and biodiversity conservation since 1994.