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The Loro Parque group presented its attractions for 2023 at the 43rd edition of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid on Wednesday, including five new attractions at the Loro Parque zoo and the Poema del Mar aquarium, and the new attraction at the Siam Park water park.

Among the new developments of the company, which also includes Brunelli’s restaurant and Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden, key projects include the inauguration of a new photovoltaic plant, which will make the group 100% self-sustainable in terms of energy.

In this way, Loro Parque plans to reinforce its position as an animal embassy, a biodiversity conservation centre and a sustainable tourism group of reference. “Having recovered from 17 months of pandemic and huge losses, we are presenting ourselves with new attractions inaugurated in the last days of 2022 and new works for 2023”, announced the president and founder of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling.

The entity returns to this event after celebrating its 50 years of history – in which they have achieved more than 54 million visitors – and recovering in an extraordinary way from the pandemic. The Botanical Hotel has achieved 100% occupancy on several occasions throughout 2022, and the group’s three parks have had excellent visitor figures, on numerous occasions exceeding 10,000 visitors per day in the case of Siam Park.

Loro Parque stand at Fitur 2023

2023, a year of new attractions and greater sustainability

In March, Loro Parque will open the largest live coral reserve outside the ocean, a large 34-metre atoll with more than 16,000 animals including tropical fish and corals. This space is in addition to the recent opening of La Gruta, a dark and spectacular fruit bat cave, and Oceania, a large free-flight aviary that recreates the main habitats of Australia.

In addition, the Tenerife zoo, together with Loro Parque Fundación, an international non-profit organisation with which they have already managed to save a total of 12 species of parrots from extinction, will carry out more than 60 conservation actions around the world to continue preserving animal life.

Following Siam Park’s huge success over the last year, the water park will be launching a new attraction featuring RocketBLAST water propulsion, the most powerful and efficient water ride technology on the market. This new attraction at the world’s best water and theme park by Tripadvisor is designed to follow in the path of excellence of the other attractions, many of which have won awards. For example, Shinga has received the European Star Award 3 times for the best water slide in Europe.

For its part, Poema del Mar will have new attractions: the new space of the Goliath fish, with its 32 sharp teeth that have reached an amazing size; all set in an outline that represents the natural stone jungle of Tsingy in Madagascar, where we can also find a representation of a Baobab with turtles and panther chameleons living in it. In addition, there is the Cuencas de África (African Basins) attraction, with fish from the main rivers of the African continent, such as the giant freshwater puffer fish.

The Hotel Botánico & Oriental Spa Garden also presents numerous novelties, such as the opening of the new restaurant La Parrilla, which expands the varied gastronomic offer of the establishment, on this occasion, with the traditional flavour of Spanish food. Furthermore, in line with the rest of the group’s companies, investments will be made to improve energy efficiency. It is also worth highlighting the planned renovation of its rooms in order to adapt them to the needs of today’s travellers.

Among the objectives for 2023, the Canary Islands group will also maintain its firm commitment to the environment. “To date, between photovoltaic and wind energy, we have a production capacity of 20MW. In 2023 we will exceed the energy consumed by the parks in terms of green energy production, making us a 100% self-sustainable energy company,” says Kiessling.

The Loro Parque delegation, made up of its president, Wolfgang Kiessling, vice-president, Christoph Kiessling, and director of administration, Cybell Kiessling, among others, will be at Fitur until 22 January, in an edition that is expected to attract 200,000 visitors, reaching a record attendance.