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A new, unprecedented and internationally important exhibition, which will take the form of a landscape aquarium, opens at the end of May in Loro Parque. This Japanese-style underwater garden is the first of its kind to be built in the world and awakens feelings reminiscent of Atlantis, the famous legendary underwater city. With this never-before-seen commitment, the Loro Parque Company consolidates its dedication to offer its visitors innovative proposals, which are unique in the world and always designed with excellence as a prerequisite.

This innovative underwater exhibition is inspired by Japanese forest landscapes and the majestic mountain ranges of the Asian mountains and has been created using the ‘aquascaping’ technique. Unique in the world for its complexity, innovation and beauty, it will convey depth and balance in the purest Zen style and will captivate fans of flora and fauna alike.

It stands out not only for its complexity, but also for the species used in its creation and for the distribution of the plants and their luxuriance. The latter is a key aspect, as many of them have to adapt to the growth of their leaves in a submerged space, evoking a level of aesthetics cared for to the millimetre, similar to the art of pruning and maintaining a bonsai. Thus, visitors will marvel at the complexity of the flora, totally alive and in all its splendour, as the display design has black-balled any inert element that is simply decorative.

Through this innovative underwater garden, Loro Parque, as a wildlife conservation centre, wants to emphasise the importance of maintaining the balance of the natural environment ecosystems that represent the wonders of nature.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday, June 1, after its official opening on Thursday, May 31.