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As is widely known to all authentic nature friends and animal protectors, PETA does not dedicate itself to anything even remotely related to animal welfare but rather to manipulating marketing actions seeking mediatic attention. In this case, it has been announced that an actor Sky Du Mont will be making questions on behalf of PETA during TUI’s annual online shareholders meeting today, 8th February.

With regard to this matter, we, at Loro Parque would like to recommend TUI to ask Mr. Du Mont the following questions, in return:

  1. According to the statement of Mr. Du Mont himself, he is a friend of the animals. How come then that he supports and organization that is widely known for having killed over 35 000 animals in its care? Yes, we refer to PETA.
  2. How come he never replied to Loro Parque’s open letter? All interested public can find it here, published in March 2021:
  3. Can he mention at least one animal conservation project that PETA has implemented for the benefit of the wildlife anywhere on the planet?
  4. In turn, does he know that Loro Parque saved 10 species from extinction that otherwise would have disappeared from the face of the Earth?
  5. Did he know that modern zoos and aquariums are widely supported by the nature conservationists and professional animal welfare organizations, such as IUCN, reinforcing the importance of their work for conservation of the nature on our Planet?
  6. Did he know that Loro Parque, in the course of its 50 years of history that the Park is celebrating this year, has welcome more than 50 million of happy visitors, many of whom are loyal TUI clients and that they often repeat their visit to Loro Parque when they travel to such a popular touristic destination, as the Canary Islands?

It would be very curious to see if Mr. Du Mont, who is supposedly so concerned with the animal welfare, actually replies to at least these few questions (there are many more that PETA never answers!), including an open letter from Loro Parque, which we have mentioned before.

From Loro Parque, as always we reinforce our commitment to animal welfare and remind the interested public on the importance of the efforts of the modern zoological parks, while also alert them of the deliberate defamation actions coming from the anti-zoo movement that bring nothing but negative impact for the future of the wildlife conservation worldwide.

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