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Having celebrated the formal inauguration on 17th December, the Aquarium ‘Poema del Mar’ opens its doors to the general public in the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria next Monday, 8th January 2018, with the opening hours available from 9:00 until 18:00. Starting next week, this project will allow the visitors of the Canarian Islands to discover the spectacular biodiversity of our Planet.

‘Poema del Mar’ has a firm commitment to innovation, conservation of biodiversity and excellence in the matters of the sustainable tourism. This has already been noted by the Authorities of the Canary Islands, who consider the project to be of “strategic interest for the region”. This will, undoubtedly, reinforce the international relevance of Gran Canaria and the entire archipelago as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide.

‘Poema del Mar’ will focus its efforts on the conservation of the Atlantic marine biodiversity in coordination with Loro Parque Fundación, an organisation with more than 20 years of experience in this field and over 100 conservation projects in 30 countries dedicated to the protection of endangered species, with a total investment to-date of USD17,000,000.

Discovering ‘Poema del Mar’

 During your visit to ‘Poema del Mar’, you will discover three different zones: surface marine ecosystems, deep sea marine ecosystems and fresh-water species. The visitor will start its journey immersing itself in the first of these zones, The Jungle, which recreates diverse landscapes in a real tribute to the five continents. The Reef is the second area of ‘Poema del Mar’, which will invite you to a promenade around a giant cylinder that shows a great variety of multiple, bright colours created by the corals and fish. This fascinating tour will culminate in the Deep Sea, where the largest exhibition curved window in the world will surely not leave you unmoved.

For those interested in purchasing tickets, please find below the list of prices:

  • Non-resident adult: 25 €
  • Non-resident child (up to the age of eleven): 17,50 €
  • Resident adult: 18 €
  • Resident child (up to the age of eleven): 13 €

The entrance is free for children below the age of 4.

The entry tickets for ‘Poema del Mar’ can be purchased via the following locations starting tomorrow, January 6th 2018: