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Loro Parque, Siam Park, Poema del Mar, Loro Parque Fundación, Hotel Botánico and Brunelli’s Steakhouse are participating this week in World Travel Market, the prestigious business-to-business travel fair held annually in London with the aim of presenting the most important innovations that the Company makes available to its customers. Although it has always been an unmissable event for the company, this occasion is special because of the resumption of activity after more than 13 months of closure due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Loro Parque: the natural wonders of the five continents, all in one place

A dream come true: to be able to visit the natural wonders of the five continents, meet countless wild species, enter the lush and humid vegetation of the jungle, cross the most arid landscapes, travel to the cold Antarctic, dive into the ocean… And to do it all in one day, in one place, in a true natural paradise: Loro Parque Animal Embassy.

Entering the Park is an immediate journey itself: the Thai Village, inaugurated in 1993 by Princess Galyani Vadhana of Thailand, transports visitors to this exotic oriental country thanks to its characteristic architecture. From that moment on, after a warm welcome by the koi carp that inhabit the lake on which the Thai Village sits, all the senses are activated to enjoy an unparalleled adventure.

Naturalised, wild environments; imposing animals such as gorillas or Angolan lions; majestic, such as orcas; exotic, such as parrots and cockatoos from different parts of the world; native, such as those that populate the seabed of the Canary Islands; charismatic creatures such as ring-tailed lemurs or meerkats, invite to get to know, love and protect each species and its environment, the wonderful biodiversity of the planet.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Loro Parque has received a large number of awards worldwide that reward its commitment to excellence and its absolute dedication to animal

welfare. In its almost 50 years of history and after having welcomed 50 million visitors to its facilities, the Park has been awarded the Plaque and Gold Medal for Tourist Merit by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism; the Gold Medal of the Canary Islands Government; the Gold Medal of the city of Puerto de la Cruz and the Gold Medal of the Island Council of Tenerife, among other awards.

Loro Parque is also the only company in the Canary Islands to have been recognised with the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence, as well as the only zoo in Europe to have the ‘American Certified’ Animal Welfare Certification from the respected American Humane (USA). Likewise, its president, Wolfgang Kiessling, adoptive son of Puerto de la Cruz and of the island of Tenerife, has recently received the Tribuna de Canarias Award for his business career and the Taburiente Award, granted by Fundación Diario de Avisos, for his excellence in business development.

For Loro Parque, these awards imply a responsibility and, for this reason, it has a clear mission to protect the environment. Thus, as a wildlife conservation centre, and through Loro Parque Fundación, it has managed to save 10 species from extinction. Also, as part of this commitment, since 2018 the Park has implemented a strategy to eliminate single-use plastic, becoming one of the first zoos in Europe to replace plastic water bottles with biodegradable and compostable ones, ceasing to produce these single-use bottles as waste. Today, more than 90% of this material is no longer used in all of the Company’s businesses.

Along these lines, every year the Park presents its traditional Gorilla Award, with which it values environmental responsibility, focusing on strategies and actions to conserve biodiversity and the sustainable use of resources. On this occasion, in a joint edition for the 2019 and 2020 awards, it rewarded, on the one hand, Robin Ganzert’s commendable work in guaranteeing the welfare of animals in the different areas in which the organisation he presides, as well as his work in communication and raising awareness of the need to help and protect endangered animals, thus contributing to a better world. And, on the other hand, Loro Parque Fundación’s Advisors Emeritus, in recognition of a lifetime of dedication to nature conservation from different spheres of action, and for having been part of the Foundation’s conservation successes.

Siam Park, 10 million visitors and 10 times best waterpark in Europe

Siam Park proves it every year: it is an unrivalled waterpark. It has done so again in 2021, after 14 months of closure, reaching 10 million visitors since its opening in 2008 and once again winning the European Star Award for the tenth consecutive year.

Thus, at a regional level, Siam Park is consolidating its position as one of the best leisure alternatives in the Canary Islands and, at an international level, it is consolidating its position as the best water park in the world with distinctions such as TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice for seven consecutive years; the European Star Award for ten consecutive years, or the Park World Excellence Award on two occasions, among many others. In fact, Siam Park is the only water park with so many awards, always being far ahead of its competitors. Along the same lines, many of Siam Park’s attractions have received their own awards, such as Singha, Kinnaree or The Dragon.

International organisations of maximum influence in the attractions industry, such as the World Waterparks Organisation (WWA) and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) have valued the quality of the Park and its capacity for innovation, as well as the development of knowledge in the sector’s industry.

Likewise, since its inauguration 13 years ago, the more than 10 million visitors who have enjoyed the Park endorse the excellence of its facilities, technological complexity and environmental commitment, which have been the key elements for its international positioning and the various awards it has received during this time. Among its visitors are numerous personalities, politicians, actors, footballers and other celebrities, such as Shakira, Paz Vega, Matt Damon, Steve Aoki, Courtois, Di María and Pedrito, among many others.

In addition to its spectacular attractions, the beauty of this park is, in itself, an incomparable attraction, and nothing compares to being able to enjoy unique attractions in the world, in an unprecedented setting of lush vegetation and Thai design and decoration. Visitors will be able to experience first-hand the sensations produced by Tower of Power and its 28-metre high slide; Singha, and many other impressive state-of-the-art attractions without which a holiday in Tenerife would not be complete.

And for those seeking relaxation in an exclusive environment, Siam Park offers Siam Beach, the most paradisiacal beach with artificial waves in the Canary Islands, where the incredible waves of The Wave Palace break. Siam Park, located in Adeje, Tenerife, is a place where good weather and fun are guaranteed all year round and is, therefore, another must-visit if you travel to the Canary Islands.

Poema del Mar, a benchmark for species conservation in only four years of existence

Since it began its activity at the end of 2017, the Poema del Mar aquarium has become a benchmark centre for the conservation of species. In fact, many of the species housed in its facilities are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and are under some degree of vulnerability or threat in the natural environment.

Different dangers, often caused by human action, such as overfishing and pollution, put populations at risk, so the role of this type of conservation centre is particularly important in raising awareness of their status and contributing to their protection and survival.

Along these lines, Poema del Mar also carries out important educational work, implementing activities to bring schools in Gran Canaria, as well as families and different social groups, closer to the important work carried out by these centres in the archipelago, as does the aquarium through its conservation tool, Loro Parque Fundación, thanks to which it has become a benchmark in marine dissemination in the islands.

Like Loro Parque and Siam Park, the aquarium was closed for more than a year, but since its reopening visitors have been able to enjoy a more complete experience than ever before thanks to new exhibits, such as the bamboo shark egg incubator, where you can see perfectly how the embryos are still developing inside the egg. Also impressive is a novel collection of nine fossil replicas, which are a real eye-opener for visitors of all ages.

Another great novelty is a new video guide, a system that not only allows visitors to enjoy a personalised guided tour, but also contains information on the more than 450 species that live in the aquarium in video format, exponentially expanding the visitor’s experience.

You can also learn about the research and conservation work carried out at the aquarium. “We are constantly involved in work with animals in the natural environment thanks to the knowledge we have of the animals under human care,” says Patricia Campos, director of Biology at Poema del Mar. She adds that their mission is “to try to apply this knowledge in nature”.

Loro Parque Fundación: 27 years of commitment and love for nature

In 1994, Loro Parque consolidated its firm commitment to environmental work through the creation of the Loro Parque Fundación, an international non-profit organisation specialising in the conservation and protection of endangered species of parrots and marine mammals, among other animals.

Every year, thanks to Loro Parque’s financing of the Foundation’s operational costs, 100% of the donations received go directly to in situ and ex situ conservation and/or education projects. Thus, “100% for nature” is not just a slogan, but goes much further: it is a reality.

Its numbers and results speak for themselves: USD 23 million invested in more than 200 projects on the five continents, and 10 parrot species directly saved from imminent extinction. And, among its unique conservation actions, it has bred endangered species and then released them into the wild, encouraging their repopulation, as has happened with the Lear’s macaw in Brazil, where dozens of specimens have been released.

In addition, Loro Parque Fundación is firmly committed to the marine biodiversity of the Canary Islands and dedicates a significant part of its resources to its protection through

projects with Loro Parque Fundación and the Poema del Mar aquarium. Among these, CanBio stands out as a research programme financed jointly by Loro Parque and the Government of the Canary Islands, through which different research groups from the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria study climate change in the sea and ocean acidification and its effects on the marine biodiversity of the Canary Islands and Macaronesia, especially on cetaceans, sea turtles, sharks and rays.

Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden, renovation and reopening in style

It has been a long year, but it has been worth it. After 17 months with its facilities closed, the Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden, located in Puerto de la Cruz, reopened its doors on the 1st of September after a complete renovation of its facilities, making it one of the most luxurious and sophisticated hotels in the Canary Islands. The reception has exceeded all expectations and the hotel has big plans for the new year.

In addition to presenting a new corporate identity and its recently launched website, more up-to-date and intuitive and in line with today’s guests, the refurbishment has focused on design and giving greater prominence to natural light, modernising its facilities in rooms, exteriors, common areas, swimming pool and other emblematic areas of the hotel, such as its Bar Hall or the spectacular reception, where prestigious works of art are the protagonists.

From the moment guests arrive at the hotel, they will notice the complete refurbishment with its new façade, in which the terracotta colour has been replaced by a modern combination of the white of the building with the wooden decorative details and the existing vegetation, offering a brighter and more modern appearance. All the glass on the façade has also been replaced with panoramic glass, offering guests unbeatable views of the Atlantic.

The previous canopy at the entrance to the hotel has been replaced by a new, luxurious canopy with a steel structure and a glass roof to give guests the best possible welcome.

As you enter the hotel you will notice the impressive change to the reception area, which includes a new check-in and guest service desk, new wall colour and new luxurious marble floors. In addition, guests will be greeted by a spectacular sculptural chandelier with more than 800 crystal leaves suspended on a 450 kg amethyst, offering stunning light effects. A Kreisel aquarium with 10 jellyfish of the Chrysaora fuscescens species has also been installed, promoting relaxation and disconnection. All these details turn the guest’s arrival at the hotel into a welcoming experience full of luxurious details.

The Bar Hall, one of its main social meeting points, presents a new image with parquet flooring and changing its furniture, with a classic design, but of the most modern and colourful, as well as eliminating the curtains, offering a beautiful view of the hotel’s botanical garden. The breakfast restaurant also has a new marble floor and offers a new panoramic view of the hotel’s impressive gardens, bringing a lot of natural light into this area.

The pool area has been completely renovated, with new tiles in the solarium area and new stairs, showers and luxurious furnishings. The hotel’s gardens have been updated with the installation of a pleasant piped music system and lights in the style of One Thousand and One Nights, as well as creating new cosy spaces, with renewed furniture and outdoor cookers to enjoy the surroundings even more.

In the rooms, new reading lights have been added to the headboards, all the LCD televisions have been replaced with Smart TVs of between 48 and 52 inches and the installation of plugs and USBs has been reinforced to facilitate the guest’s connection whenever they need it. In addition, a Nespresso coffee machine has been incorporated throughout the Ambassador Junior Suite and above category, with free daily capsule refills, and kettles with tea and coffee in all Deluxe Double rooms.

Technological investment is also notable in the major renovation that has been carried out, to adapt to the digital and technological needs required by today’s guests, incorporating a reinforcement of WIFI coverage throughout the hotel with three 1000 Megas fibre optic lines, along with the digitisation of common processes, such as online check-in, contactless payment management… The recently launched new hotel website is much more modern and updated towards today’s needs, more intuitive and offering a better browsing experience and usability.

In addition, the hotel has incorporated all the health safety protocols currently necessary to ensure a comfortable and safe stay for its guests, as well as continuing to take care of the planet with the environmental management standards guaranteed by ISO 14001 and the Biosphere and EMAS certificates with which it works every day.

In the incredible change that the hotel has undergone, the usual luxury has been maintained and, above all, its prestige, the friendliness of the staff and the high standards of service excellence have been maintained to ensure that guests feel at home from the moment they arrive.

Brunelli’s, six years of offering the best meat on this side of the Atlantic

Brunelli’s restaurant, located opposite Loro Parque, has been considered as the “benchmark for great meat in the Canary Islands” by important gastronomy supplements such as Metrópolis, from El Mundo, and as “the best meat restaurant in Tenerife” by TripAdvisor in 2018. It has also been awarded the 2020 Dish in the new Michelin Guide.

Thus, since its opening six years ago, this establishment in the style of typical American steakhouses, has revolutionised the gastronomic offer of Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife, with its impressive range of meats: Avila T-bone steak, Black Angus beef entrecôte, etc. -the best cuts cooked in a very special way. All this, thanks to the fact that Brunelli’s has a unique oven in the Canary Islands, capable of cooking the meat at 800º, maintaining all the flavour with a very juicy texture.

Its offer is completed with an excellent wine list, varied desserts, a careful service, and the possibility of contemplating the best sunsets of the island from its large terrace open to the sea. Brunelli’s is known for having the best meat on this side of the Atlantic: in Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife.