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On Sunday, Loro Parque will reopen Orca Ocean after undergoing maintenance and renewal work in order to guarantee the excellence and quality that characterises the Nº1 Park in Europe and 3º in the world. Our 6 majestic orcas return to thrill with their beauty, their strength and their powerful energy in the most innovative installation for killer whales in the world.

True to its commitment towards constant innovation and in order to maintain excellent quality facilities, Loro Parque has updated Orca Ocean, ensuring the welfare and comfort of animals and the thousands of visitors who join us on a daily basis to meet and enjoy these wonderful marine mammals.

Over 4 tons of paint, 11.000 kilos of waterproofing material and cement and around 1.500 square metres of ceramic were some of the materials used by more than 30 workers that with effort and enthusiasm completed the maintenance work that renews the commitment to quality that characterises Loro Parque.


Skyla, Keto, Tekoa, Kohana, Morgan and little Adán surprise adults and children with their intelligence and peculiarities in a unique exhibition, packed with the fun adventures of the caregivers and renovated music that conquers everyone’s heart. The proximity between the public and the animals allow the visitors to discover Orca Ocean’s wonders awakening the people’s love for nature and their desire to protect the orcas, as ambassadors of their species for future generations.

In addition to the public presentations, the orca family at Loro Parque participate in numerous scientific and conservation projects in which researchers worldwide and reputable academic institutions take advantage of the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on this specie and help its conservation in the wild.