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To celebrate World Ocean Day (8th of June), Loro Parque Foundation has made available a suggestion box for the public so they can write down their “Promises to the Ocean”. The idea is for them to deposit in the box all the positive things that are already being carried out, or the ones people commit to start doing in order to leave our oceans in a perfect state of health and consequently a healthy environment for everyone.

Also carried out a campaign to raise awareness about the problem being caused by plastic bags in the ocean. More than 75% of waste found in the sea consists of single-use plastic bags which end up floating around in the ocean, causing the death of many animal species throughout the world. Deaths can be caused by intake, toxicity, suffocation or entrapment. In order to raise awareness, Loro Parque Fundación is encouraging visitors to write on a paper bag the day they start using it so they can see for themselves the time span of this bag before it is thrown out.

Around 150 people, including visitors and school groups, have participated in these activities already. The schools that have made their “Promises to the Ocean” are the Miraflor de Teror of Gran Canaria School and the Enrique González Martín School from Icod de los Vinos.