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Wolfgang Kiessling, the President of the Loro Parque Company, has launched this weekend a video message of confidence in the social media of the zoological park located in a picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. In it, he explained that both the animals and the Park’s staff are in perfect health conditions and he pointed out that they have sufficient supplies for the coming months, always working with great foresight to ensure that the animals lack nothing.

He also spoke about how the reduction in staff has been dealt with, “very carefully”, always having the welfare of the animals living in Park’s installations as a priority. Thus, the departments responsible for the care of the different species continue to operate normally, albeit in shifts, to ensure the health safety of the employees as well.

Kiessling also wanted to encourage all Loro Parque’s followers not to listen to unfounded criticism from animal rights activists, since most of them do not even work with animals and are not specialists in the field. “We know what we are doing, our employees are the ones who love the animals, who understand the animals, who live with them, who have their affection,” he said.

In the video that has been very well received in the social media, the President of Loro Parque has also highlighted the role of modern zoos as true embassies for wild animals. “In the time that I have been on this earth, and this year I will be 83 years old, global population has increased from 2,200 million people to almost 7,800 million today. We have reduced the habitats for exotic animals by 50%” and, in this context, he assures, conservation centers like Loro Parque are more necessary than ever.

Regarding the re-opening, Kiessling has communicated that he is very interested in reopening the doors of the Park, but that he will only do so when “the situation of the coronavirus is well controlled”, so that visitors are safe and the staff is not exposed to any danger.