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Loro Parque celebrates the carnival of Düsseldorf and Vechta, together with the carnival prince and princess, its honorary members and over 60 members of the festive committee. Those specially traveled to Tenerife, accompanied by the duty mayor of Düsseldorf, Mrs. Dr. Marie Agnes Strack-Zimmermann and the city councilor for tourism Carmen Padilla to celebrate these festivities in Puerto de la Cruz, as they always do for more than 20 years.

The 60 members of the German carnival committee visited the city within the scope of the “fraternization” to support those festivities and to share it with all Canaries. They also went for a walk through the park, with their colorful costumes and playing their instruments.

During lunch, local comparsa Son Bahía gave a surprise performance to the visitors.

After lunch the festive committee handed out their medals among the attendees, who sang and danced with them to the rhythms of carnival. The German carnival steps back to the Middle Ages, when it celebrated the end of the winter and served as a preamble for the arrival of the fasting period, including a lot of noise, masks and costumes in what was a fishing village at that time. The winter was personified by a young man covered from head to foot in a straw costume and was symbolically expelled from the village. That triumph was celebrated with music, food, dances and jokes. The result was one of the most popular and famous carnivals in Europe.