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Loro Parque continues to expand its recreational offers, focusing on the variety and quality of their organization and for this reason have started the New Year off with the acquisition of a pair of white Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera Tigris Tigris). They are male and female, just 18 months old, coming from the Guangzhou Panya Xiangjiang Safari Park in China and they are now enjoying their new home, surrounded by vegetation, waterfall and an exclusive lake for their summer dips.

The female, Yanjya, and the male, Linmao, are from a subspecies of tiger which are well-known and numerous y normally live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and China (in the southern region of Tibet). In the grounds, this pair of felines are in the process of getting to know their new surroundings and demonstrate a lot of curiosity in discovering every nook and cranny, taking long siestas beneath the greenery and arousing the interest of all the visitors.

Bengal tigers are characterized by being, like all other tigers, solitary animals which usually don’t live in big groups, with the exception of the females, which travel with their babies in small groups of three or four.

They can reach up to 3 metres in the case of the males, whilst the females are smaller and reach a height of up to 1,10 metres. They usually live in a great variety of habitats, including savannas and tropical and subtropical forests. They feed on wild pigs and deer of various species are the two prey types that make up the bulk of the Tiger’s diet. They also feed on crustaceans, frogs, crabs, small invertebrates and fish such as trout and perch.