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Orcinus orca

They are the largest dolphins on the planet, with males reaching up to 9m and females around 7.7m. Orcas live in pods and follow matrilineal or matriarchal structures. They have distinctive black skin that contrasts with their white belly and white spots above both eyes.

They may establish themselves as regular residents of coastal areas or travel in search of food. They communicate and coordinate to develop very effective hunting strategies.

Up to 5.400 kg

Fish, dolphins, rays, sharks, whales, turtles, penguins

All oceans

18 months

Orcas living under the care of Loro Parque

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Interesting facts about Orcas

They can communicate through various forms of signalling. At Loro Parque we have empirically proven that they understand messages through sound signals, physical gestures, and light signals.

The fins of male orcas can curve with age. They are made of connective tissue with no muscle, and when the air temperature is high, they may soften and collapse. It is not related to their mood.

As in many other species, females tend to live longer than males.

A newborn orca is approximately 2.6 m long.

How we help to protect orcas and other cetaceans

Loro Parque has been actively involved for 25 years in the protection of the orca population in the Strait of Gibraltar. Direct contact with these animals allows us to collect valuable scientific data and information that we provide to collaborating organisations, universities and other entities dedicated to animal studies.

In addition, through Loro Parque Fundación we promote initiatives aimed at the conservation of cetaceans in Macaronesia.

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As part of our informative and educational work on biodiversity, we have developed an encyclopaedia on cetaceans. It is an extensive document where you will find data and scientific information about the behaviour, myths and truths surrounding these animals.

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