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Red pandas

Ailurus fulgens fulgens

Red pandas are native to mountainous areas, especially forests where bamboo is abundant, their main source of food. They also eat fruits, acorns, and roots.

It is a solitary animal that spends most of the day and night in tree branches, where it even sleeps. The morphology of their limbs allows them to walk easily even on the thinnest branches.

Up to 6,2 kg



132 days

Interesting facts about red pandas

They use their tails to cover themselves when temperatures drop.

The colours of their fur allow them to camouflage among tree leaves.

They have an exceptionally long bone in their thumbs that allows them to better grab bamboo stalks.

They spend up to 55% of the time sleeping.

How we help the conservation of red pandas

Today, red pandas are at risk of extinction. The wild specimens are threatened by the destruction of their habitats from farming and logging. The work of modern zoos is essential for the conservation of this species.

At Loro Parque we work to raise awareness and to represent the species, informing about its delicate situation and spreading awareness about the need to protect natural habitats.