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Lear’s macaw

Did you know…? That Lear’s macaw is a threatened species and that, from Loro Parque, in collaboration with the Loro Parque Foundation, we have managed to reintroduce 8 specimens back into their natural environment.

The lear’s macaw is a threatened species that lives only in a small, arid region of Bahia; north east of Brazil and its survival is closely related to the Licuri palm (syagruscoronata), whose fruits are its main food source.

It is estimated that, although it was never an abundant species, it currently occupies only 1.6% of its original habitat. They are usually found near large sandstone cliffs, where they breed . In addition, in these cliffs they usually dig small holes with their beak and expel the dust with their legs to take refuge at night.

The lear’s macaw suffers from the illegal trade with the capture of its young and when they are adults they are persecuted by farmers for pecking their corn. Their habitat is increasingly degraded by the increasing use of land for livestock, and also by the indiscriminate harvesting of the leaves and fruits of the Licuri palm.

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