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By Sarah Sharkey

The Loro Parque Foundation has been able to save nine parrot species from extinction. That’s right, nine! An impressive number that has earned them the reputation of the most effective non-profit organization in the area.

The organization spent over 18 million dollars in order to save these beautiful parrots from leaving us forever. The detail about which parrots they saved can be found below.

The Yellow-eared Parrot in Columbia has rebounded from a population of just 82 birds and critically endangered to a status of endangered. They aren’t out of the woods yet, but they are on the way to a stable population.  The Red-tailed Cockatoo population in the Philippines has grown from 22 to 1,200 birds strong. The Blue-throated Macaw in Bolivia is still critically endangered, but their population numbers are slowly rising which is an amazing step of progress.

The Red-tailed Amazon in Brazil has a growing population that has been encouraged by articila nests provided by the Loro Parque Foundation. The Lear’s Macaw in Brazil grew from less than 200 birds to over 1,300. A huge increase that has moved them from the critically endangered category to endangered. The Echo Parakeet found on the Island of Mauricio has grown from 12 birds to over 500! The black-cheeked lovebird in Zambia is being studied in hopes that a recovery can happen. The blue-headed Macaw in Peru has moved from endangered to vulnerable, a huge step in the right direction.

Finally, the horned parakeet in New Caledonia is has been thriving and moved from an endangered to vulnerable status.

All of these steps are big steps in the right direction. Without the Loro Parque Foundation, it is likely these birds would just fade from our planet. Hopefully, the foundation can continue to save amazing animals like these.

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