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Loro Parque, a true animal embassy, this week inaugurated a new habitat created for 10 African bird species that are “Vulnerable” and “Near Threatened”, according to the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The new facility has 3 sections with high visibility adapted to the needs of these animals. Through this exhibition, visitors will be able to observe the flight and behavior of the specimens while they enjoy enrichment with trunks, food from their region of origin and other elements that keep them physically and psychologically active. There are even coffee plants from Kenya, among other vegetation, which fit the needs of the species that now live in this enclosure.

This new space allows the birds to develop their muscles and interact with each other. There, these parrots manage to put into practice all their abilities and act as real ambassadors of their conspecifics in nature. Therefore, while visitors get to know their characteristics and peculiarities, these animals at the same time help to make people aware of the difficulties their wild conspecifics face in nature.

All these birds have been born in the Loro Parque Fundación breeding center, where the largest reserve of parrot species and subspecies in the world is located.

In this sense, the recreation of these animals’ natural environment reflects Loro Parque’s commitment to constant innovation, conservation and animal welfare. The new African enclosure is located next to the ecosystem of the ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar, a place where also the swimming skills of the pygmy hippopotamus can be observed.