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Did you know…? For years, at Loro Parque and the Loro Parque Fundación, we have been working to promote an area in Macaronesia that protects not only the resident groups of cetaceans that live in our waters, but also those who use it passing through or even as a brood.

In our facilities, the host species is the bottlenose dolphin, which lives in all the world’s oceans except the poles.

To keep the dolphins healthy and in good physical shape, we have designed a complete program of activities where they can develop their abilities. Training is a fundamental part of caring for these animals and allows us to improve their well-being, thanks to the collaboration of trainers in veterinary procedures. Good proof of their excellent welfare is that, of the more than 250 dolphins currently living in dolphinariums in Europe, almost 80% were born under human care. And, in fact, thanks to the existence of dolphinariums and documentaries, movies and television series like flipper, which have been in charge of demonstrating how intelligent and endearing these animals can be, a beautiful bond has been formed between them and humans.

Through education and awareness, at Loro Parque we present these dolphins as ambassadors of their species, which has meant a fundamental tool for advancing in this objective. As a result of the welfare enjoyed by the animals in our facilities, since 1994 several beautiful and healthy offspring have come into the world.

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