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Sea lions

Zalophus californianus

Sea lions are mammals that thrive both on land and in the water but spend most of their day in aquatic environments. Their bodies have a layer of fat under the skin that provides buoyancy and warmth.

Their long foreflippers and the mobility of their hind limbs allow them to reach high speeds underwater, a key factor in hunting fish.

In addition, their strength allows them to make great leaps from the water to land on rocks or high spots.

Up to 380 kg

Fish and molluscs

North Pacific

12 months

Sea lions that live under the care of Loro Parque

Live presentations

Enjoy sea lion jumps, acrobatics, and games in our live presentations!

Friendly, skilled and great swimmers. The sea lions that live in Loro Parque put on a presentation in which they show off their great intelligence and sociable character. As ambassadors of their species, you can learn more in our educational presentation.

More information

Interesting facts about sea lions

They are often mistaken for seals. The difference between the two is that sea lions have small ears and seals have none.

They can stay underwater for more than 8 minutes.

How we help the conservation of sea lions

Rising temperatures are negatively impacting the survival of sea lion pups in wild habitats. At Loro Parque, we work to raise awareness of the importance of acting against the climate and environmental crisis.

In addition to this, through the shows we perform with sea lions, the public acquires deeper knowledge about the species and the need to protect their natural habitats.